Its equipments

Simulation tools

Simulation Systems

Circuits-Systems CAD based on a ADS-Matlab sub-platform :

  • Advanced Design System (Agilent Technologies)
  • Matlab-Simulink (MathWorks)


Simulations electromagnetic 3D

  • HFSS (Ansoft)
  • CST (Computer Simulation Technology)



Generation of complex analog, digital or mixed signals

  • Generation of vectorial signals up to 20 GHz with a 500 MHz analog   bandwidth
  • Generation of arbitrary wave form signals up to 1.25 Gs/s with a 15 Bits resolution.
  • Generation of arbitrary wave form signals up to 20 Gs/s with a 10 bits resolution.
  • Pulse and data generation up to 3.35 Gb/s
  • Frequency synthesizers up to 75 GHz


Time and frequency domain analysis of analog, digital or mixed signals

  • Automatic phase noise test set up (up to 110 GHZ)
  • Vectorial signal analyzers up to 26 GHz with a potential 3 x 80 MHz analog bandwith
  • Sampling oscilloscopes up to 75 GHz
  • Single shot oscilloscopes up to 12 GHz
  • Spectrum analyzers up to 340 GHz
  • Logic analyzers up to 800 Mb/s for each of the 34 channels


Generation and acquisition of signals

  • LabVIEW (National Instruments)
  • Signal Studio (Agilent Technologies)


Hardware – software interfaces

  • Platforms for developing reconfigurable interfaces between software layers and layers physical based processors, FPGA and embedded devices.
  • Tools associated programming and testing.


Rapid prototyping

CAO Platform (circuits and systems)

Platform SMC :

  • Advanced programmable station using 3D mechanical etching for the realization of printed hybrid circuits and antennas (1 µm height resolution, 100 µm planar resolution).
  • Semi-automatic station for mounting and soldering of devices by refusion.