A PhD at the IEMN ?

The research teams at the IEMN are currently partitioned between two doctorate schools, the school of science for the engineer at Lille1 (ED SPI) and the doctorate school at the UVHC. However, within the framework of the regional structure of the sites, the laboratory will be integrated to the ED SPI at Lille1 in the second semester of 2007. Doctorial study is under the responsibility of the Director of Doctorial Study, Prof. Tuami Lasri at the IEMN.

The laboratory has put in place multiple initiatives for the promotion of doctorial study. In fact, with more possibilities for education and training proposed by the ED SPI, the laboratory will strive to bring a multidisciplinary culture to its doctorial students.

Amongst the different methods put in place to reach this objective is the organisation of virtually weekly seminars covering the collective research taking place at the IEMN. These seminars can be given by specialists not linked to the laboratory. In addition, we offer our doctorates the possibility of following taught courses during the first and second year of their PhD program, up to a maximum of 3 courses during 2 years amongst those offered by the MNT and ATC masters degree programs.

To facilitate meetings and exchanges between doctorates, we created an Open Day (IEMN-DOC) for our PhD students which takes place at the beginning of every academic year. During which the second year doctorates present their work from their first year using posters, at the same time the third year doctorate students organise a guided visit of the laboratory facilities for the new first year students. These types of events are destined to improve the integration of new PhD students, cultivate inter-communication and to reinforce the cohesion of our doctorate program.

A new method destined to add value to thesis work is the IEMN prize. This distinction aims to recognise one or two doctorates every year for exceptional quality of work produced during their PhD.

Finally, every spring we organise the IEMN’s research forum. This event has the objective to demonstrate the opportunities available in Doctorate and Masters Research at the laboratory. This permits potential students to meet the promoters of different subjects proposed, all centred around thematic posters. The research forum equally includes a conference given by a renowned personality and a series of visits. Our current doctorates perform most of the organisation and presentation of this forum at the IEMN.

One must note that several of our doctorates share their time between the laboratory at the IEMN and our numerous industrial partners (STMicroelectronics, THALES,…). The number of PhD students perusing this form of doctoral training is growing steadily.