From its creation, the IEMN has always focused on improving exchanges with PMIs and PMEs, notably within our region. Back in 1995, given the specific aspects of the problems raised and employer associations’wishes, notably via the ELECTROPOLE group that brings together regional players in the electronics domain, we decided to create a special structure, known as “IEMN-Transfert” reporting directly to the laboratory management team. Today, “IEMN-Transfert”, comprises five full-time staff divided into two departments : an autonomous technical department backed by the specific research teams’ expertise, and an external relations team in charge of interaction with regional or national manufacturers. “IEMN-Transfert” missions are focused on innovation and maximising the added value of the research laboratory’s activities for the benefit of regional and national SMI-SMEs. This translates into a host of actions that include :

  • forging links between the research teams and businesses
  • transferring the devices and systems developed by the research
  • making researchers know-how available to meet the needs of business
  • participating in the organisation of regional and national events
  • offering a technology watch service (“Clubs Pionniers”)
  • proposing technical solutions adapted to the changing problems and needs of business
  • accompanying research teams to facilitate the transfer of applications to industry
  • supporting SMI-SMEs in their quest for innovation at both the level of their products and their production processes
  • encouraging business start-ups
  • work in synergy with the public and paragovernemental services (RDT, CIEL, Conseil Régional Nord Pas de Calais, ANVAR…)