To complete successfully all technological projects, about 200 projects / year, the “technological facilities” is animated by a technical team, composed of 27 permanent engineers and technicians. Work on it also in full-time: 130 researchers, teachers-researchers, PhD students and post-docs.

The clean room is organized in the form of “Resources”.

Thus, it was set up “Process Resource”, in which the engineers make a “complete technological process there”, for to the realization of a whole component or a MEMS. This, to answer the expressed needs either as part of the “National network of large Technological facilities” , or as part of common laboratories with industrialists.

The “specific resources of processes”, regroup around important equipment or of a group of several little equipments, a team was composed in general of a responsible engineer and an assistant engineer or a technician.

It was thus defined four great resources:

Each one of these resources corresponds to a particular competence

Some equipment is accessible to all, as much as the personnel will be formed (accredited).
Others on the contrary, will have to be “subcontracted” near the permanent personnel, because their handling is either too complex, or present risks, which only the permanent ones can control perfectly.