Job offer : Integration and design of RF electronic sub-systems

 Category : Engineer

Engineering field: Experimental techniques in telecommunications engineering
BAP: C (For internal Lille1 purposes)

Location: IEMN Institute – Cité scientifique, Bâtiment P3, 59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq
Research Group: Cité scientifique, Bâtiment P3, 59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq
Job type:  1 year contract – Full time, open now.



The dimensioning and deployment of communication networks strongly relies on the knowledge of the radio channel characteristics in which the signals propagate. For wireless mobile applications including 4G and beyond, a multidimensional radio channel sounder has been developed in the IEMN lab TELICE team. The aim of this mission is to participate to the evolution of this system.

The responsibilities of the engineer in collaboration with the TELICE staff (engineer and faculty) include :

  • The integration of realized various electronic functions along with the system designer and
  • Define, develop, and test measurement protocols
  • The design of the electronic sub-systems adaptors and improvement of all or parts of existing experimental equipment
  • Conduct the measurements
  • Participate to the data treatment and analysis prior to scientific interpretation


  • Advanced knowledge and hand-on experience with scientific equipment dedicated to measurement and analysis of frequency/time signals and operating conditions : Network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and oscilloscopes
  • Knowledge in RF engineering and signal processing
  • Knowledge in analog/digital electronic engineering


  • Translate any technical specification requests
  • Conception of simple electronic systems

LANGUAGE :Good English oral and written comprehension


  • Team work
  • Written and oral presentation techniques experience

(optional but non essential)
Knowledge in Visual C++ & VHDL programming

REQUIREMENTS : Electronics with emphasis in RF engineering

DESIRED PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Electronics with emphasis in RF engineering

Martine Liénard/ Pierre Laly  – Phone : (+33) 3 20 33 59 59
Mail :

GROSS SALARY : 35k€/an

Please send full resume + motivation letter to